Pinterest Marketing: Ins and Outs

Pinterest Marketing

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Hello, readers welcome to this article on Pinterest Marketing. In the 21st century, we are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube in our day to day life amazingly. But today there is more than that, which is known as Pinterest.

Pinterest is a visually inspirational website for discovering thoughts like plans, home, and style motivation. It offers users to post (which is called pinning) images or videos on their boards. Or they can share (which is called re-pinning) images or videos on Pinterest.

How Does it Work

The main theme of Pinterest is Pin & Board. Let’s explain what is pin and board-


Pins are bookmarks that people use to save thoughts they love on Pinterest. On the above we can operate the Pin, we can visit the site to figure out how to make it or where to get it. As we find Pins we love, click the red Save button to spare them on our boards. We can share a pin with our friends through messages and we can also chat with our friends via Pinterest.


Pinterest Boards where we can save our loved pins and create a group and invite people on our boards. We can also attach that board in our profile. if we want to keep our board secret we can also keep that then only invited people can visit our board.

With billions of Pins on Pinterest, we will generally discover thoughts to start motivation. At the point when we find Pins we love, save them to boards to keep your thoughts distributed out and easy to discover.

When It was First Created

The Pinterest was first launched in March 2010 but the process began in December 2009. And the men behind it are Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. It had achieved 10,000 users just after nine months of its launch. According to August 2019 statistics, Pinterest had 300 million active users worldwide.

Time Magazine listed Printerest on “50 Best Websites of 2011” on August 10, 2011. According to Hitwise data, Pinterest had 11 million total visits per week, so the website was awarded as one of the top ten social network services. Pinterest was awarded as Best New Startup of 2011 in TechCrunch Awards. Best Social Media App, Webby Awards and People’s Voice Award was awarded Pinterest for it’s the best functioning visualize the design

Who uses Pinterest the Most

Pinterest has grabbed the largest online marketing. According to 2019 statistics have overtaken Snapchat and achieved the third-biggest Social Networking Site in the US. Its popularity has given open challenge to Facebook and Instagram. Statistics show that Pinterest is 71% used by females.

New subscriptions are made 60% by women and 40% by men. 80% US mother and 40% US dad are active in Pinterest. 50% of users are from the US and the rest of others are outside the US. Among all the users 34% are aged 18-29. Around 28% of marketers are using Pinterest for their product marketing already.

There are more than 175 billion thoughts on Pinterest. 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to choose what to purchase disconnected. Over 5% of all referral traffic to sites originates from Pinterest. 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

Food and Drink and Technology are the most mainstream choices for men. 1.7 billion recipe Pins are found on Pinterest. Every day almost 2M individuals Pin item. Where half have made a Purchase After Seeing a Promoted Pin. About 14million articles are Pinned by users every day. Users spend 14.2 minutes of average time on Pinterest. 85% of Pinterest clients utilize the site when they need to begin another venture.

Why today Pinterest is the First Choice for Marketing

Pinterest has offered some unique facilities that make it more interesting rather than other social networking platforms. It has a Pinboard where users can Pin some ideas or thoughts that the clients may be use or purchase later.

Pinterest proposes users to make a secret board and group board.

In the secret board, no one can see our items except us and our invited friends. And in group board, we can work on a common although share content.

Pinterest also gives Pinning and Re-pinning facility where we can save our and other’s idea too on our board which means external links. If we like something & want to buy it later then Pinning and Re-Pinning is the perfect method to find them later

Pinterest offers the best Return on Investment(ROI) accessible in promoting on the web. Most Pinterest clients are effectively searching for brands or organizations from which to buy.

Pinterest is intended to offer its users the best content according to their interests and motivate themselves. Pinterest’s prime objective is to “interface everybody on the planet through the ‘things’ they find fascinating.” So, we can utilize Pinterest appropriately by discovering the paths to plan and stimulate your possible clients.

How to Open a Business Pinterest Account

1. Visit

2. Choose a language, location and your business a name with description

3. If you want more traffic then connect your account with Youtube, Instagram, and Etsy account.

4. Then edit your profile according to your brand name and purpose.

5. Then click the claim from the left-side menu bar so that you can claim your website.

6. Then need to create a board and pin

7. Click the publish button to choose the board.

8. Choose cover photo ( 165×165 pixels) and add a tag for further advertisement.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

If you are intending to promoting your product via Pinterest you should have nearly a perfect marketing strategy. For that, you need to follow the following step.

First of all, give an attractive name of our according to the target audience interest in attracting them.

You need to read the customer mindset, what they want, when they want, how long they want it. According to that, you can design your marketing strategy. There are also some pick times when you should launch your product. You have to be aware of it.

Individuals search on Pinterest simply how they would on Google. So while making your sheets, you have to pick the correct keyword for your subjects. You have to do some research work about what people want to find or search for. List the keyword and key phrases for further optimization. Keep them updating.

For establishing your page you would need more traffic because without appropriate traffic you can’t make your page run further. It’s not that complicated at all. You have to- share pictures not only for their visual manipulation, yet also Make them purchase that, take care of a relevant issue and offer a possible solution, Offer something commendable or attractive, that’s why the product should be creative and unique so that they can appeal customers every way possible.

Keep an eye on your competitor. That doesn’t mean you need to copy your competitor but monitor so that you can be a step ahead.

Make sure that your 1st 10-20 pin is charming enough otherwise they wouldn’t get through the customers.

Need to track and watch over on result every day. So that you can be able to understand what is the effective response on your account.

Pinterest is nearly equivalent to Instagram. It’s everything about the visuals. Pinners typically go here to discover thoughts or motivation for nearly everything. Also, having a great quality of pictures is the way to selling your image in this stage. It’s indispensable for these pictures to be tempting.

Pinterest Marketing Tools

Some popular Pinterest management tools are-

  • Hootsuite
  • Tailwind
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer
  • Viraltag
  • PinAlerts
  • Pinterest widgets
  • Pinstamatic
  • Piktochart

Some image design tools are-

  • Canva
  • Pablo
  • PicMonkey
  • Pinvolve
  • SumoMe Image Sharer
  • Quozio
  • Over

Some Follower Count & Community Growth Tools are-

  • PinFollow
  • Loop88
  • ViralWoot

To know more about marketing and other stuff please check out other blogs. Especially check this one The complete Guide To Search Engine Marketing.So see you in my other blogs.

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